IVM – Industrial Vending Machines


Store, Dispense, and Track Valuable Equipment with PPE Vending Machines

The SaveRent System is designed for storing, dispensing, and collecting back frequently used, valuable assets and products. SaveRent records each rental and collect-back linked to the given employee. It also keeps track of the technical parameters (condition, warranty, etc.) of stored devices, so the user can check the location and status of any device with one click.

Why to choose the SaveRent System?

  • Product usage can be tracked, a 100% cost control can be achieved
  • Stored devices can only be accessed by specific persons with access rights
  • The user can see the booking of a device and set a request for a free slot
  • Shared devices can be stored securely
  • Sends automatic notifications to users and maintainers
  • Tracks the lifetime and warranty expiry date of the assets

What can be stored in the SaveRent system?

IVM Icon elektromos szerszam

Power tools

IVM Icon profi eszkoz

Professional equipments

IVM Icon merok

Measuring tools

IVM Icon kulcsok



  1. The employee logs in with his PIN code or company RFID card or barcode.
  2. Selects the device he would like to borrow – and it is available for him.
  3. Sets the rental time and then removes the product from the opening compartment.
  4. When he has finished using the tool, he returns the device to SaveRent by identifying himself, then he enters the technical status of the device and puts the device back in the compartment which will open.
  5. If any problem has occurred while using the product, the user should select the appropriate status when the product is returned and the system will automatically notify the maintainer and disable any further rental of the device.
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The ideal complementary tool to SaveRent is a plug-in socket that can be built into the compartments, which in addition to secure storage, provides power for tools which require charging.


Different sizes and numbers of SaveBox industrial vending machines can be connected to SaveRent systems according to individual needs.

SAVEBOX - Industrial vending solution

We think in systems!

The SaveRent system is controlled by our sophisticated control software, SaveLog, enabling an enterprise-wide integrated solution. The industrial vending machines can be easily coordinated with each other to form a centrally controlled system.

SaveLog software provides

  • high-security data storage
  • continuous data synchronization
  • instant access to transaction data from anywhere and anytime
  • detailed product stock reports for management

Identification options

IVM Icon belepo kar


IVM Icon vonalkod


IVM Icon pin

PIN code

Network options

Technical parameters

Size: (WxHxD)
300 x 400 x 1810 mm
Own weight: 40 kg
Power requirements: 110-240V / 50/60 Hz
Base colour: Grey
Number of SaveBox doors: 2-10