IVM – Industrial Vending Machines


Efficient Industrial Vending Solution for Dispensing, Renting, and Returning Items

The SaveSpring 3-in-1 carousel type industrial vending machine is one of the most practical industrial distribution machines, capable of storing and dispensing up to 540 different products. SaveSpring has three basic functions: one-time dispense of products, equipment rental and tracking, and return of used devices. The tool vending machine records all user transactions, which can be also be retrieved after the transactions.

Why to choose SaveSpring?

  • Product usage can be tracked, a 100% cost control can be achieved

  • Perfect for storing fragile, heavier or liquid products

  • Due to the special design of the door, products do not fall during the dispense

  • Has an extremely versatile configuration

  • The height of the doors can be adjusted to the size of the products

  • Ensures product distribution 24 hours a day, seven days a week

  • Easy refilling via colour-coded system

  • Contains numerous configuration options and multilingual interface

  • Has many configuration options and multilingual user interface

Unique features of SaveSpring

  • Easy refilling using colour-coded system
  • Many configuration options
  • Multilingual interface

What can be stored in SaveSpring?

IVM Icon kesztyu


IVM Icon vedomaszk

Protective masks

IVM Icon vedoszem

Safety goggles

IVM Icon melleny pc copy 3


IVM Icon apro alk

Small parts

3-in-1 function

SaveSpring itself is capable of dispensing, renting (even pre-booking), collecting back products and used equipment. The collect-back function allows you to collect and store used or contaminated products. As a result, some product cabins may operate as recycling spots. For example, one product location can be set up for rent only, while another can only be set up to rent and return the borrowed assets.


Different sizes and numbers of SaveBoxes can be connected to the SaveSpring vending machine according to individual needs.

SAVEBOX - Industrial vending solution

We think in systems!

Our SaveSpring PPE vending machines are controlled by our sophisticated control software, SaveLog, enabling an enterprise-wide integrated solution.

SaveLog software provides

  • high-security data storage
  • continuous data synchronization
  • instant access to transaction data from anywhere and anytime
  • detailed product stock reports for management

Identification options

IVM Icon belepo kar


IVM Icon vonalkod


IVM Icon pin

PIN code

Network options

Technical parameters

Size: (WxHxD)
944 x 1830 x 965 mm
Own weight: 350 kg
Power requirements: 110-240V / 50/60 Hz
Base colour: Grey
Maximum capacity: 540 positions or 540 types of products