IVM – Industrial Vending Machines


Intelligent container solution

All-in-one solution that brings the warehouse close to use, whether it is a continuous supply of equipment, rental, return, or even a simple transaction. With the SaveStore smart container, the usage of devices is automated and 100% traceable. Employees do not have to travel long distances to get the tools they need. It is minimizing lost working time. It can be particularly useful for larger construction projects.

Why choose SaveStore?

  • Product usage can be tracked, a 100% cost control can be achieved
  • Personal access rights per product or project
  • Keeps equipment running 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Custom-built tools and configuration
  • Automatic reporting and notification for management and maintainers
  • Cost reduction of up to 40%

What can be stored in SaveStore?

IVM Icon kesztyu


IVM Icon apro alk

Small parts

IVM Icon vedomaszk

Protective masks

IVM Icon vedoszem

Safety goggles

IVM Icon fureszlap

Saw blades

IVM Icon toltok


IVM Icon kabelek


IVM Icon ragasztok


IVM Icon pc

PC peripherals

IVM Icon furofej

Drill bits

IVM Icon kezi szersz

Hand tools

Device release process

  1. The employee identifies himself through the access control system located on the external side and enters the SaveStore
  2. Selects the appropriate tool vending machine and logs in with his personal ID card
  3. Selects the necessary products from the tool vending machines
  4. Rents/takes out the necessary tools and continues his work
savestor 11 2 1

We think in systems!

Our SaveStore industrial vending machines are controlled by our sophisticated control software, SaveLog, enabling an enterprise-wide integrated solution. The industrial vending machines can be easily coordinated with each other to form a centrally controlled system.

SaveLog software provides

  • high-security data storage
  • continuous data synchronization
  • instant access to transaction data from anywhere and anytime
  • detailed product stock reports for management

Identification options

IVM Icon belepo kar


IVM Icon vonalkod


IVM Icon pin

PIN code

Network options

Technical parameters

Dimensions: Base size: 2,5 x 6 meters
Extra size: 3 x 7 meters
Accessory unit can be connected to both sizes
Own weight: ~3500 kg
Power requirements: 110-240V / 50/60 Hz