IVM – Industrial Vending Machines


The virtual stock management system

SaveTerminal is an intelligent terminal controlled by SaveLog, which is able to manage your warehouse as a virtual vending machine. SaveTerminal can be placed within the production area as desired.

After identification, employees can access SaveTerminal through a specially designed display. Employees can easily select or pre-order the equipment they need from the warehouse, which they can pick up from the warehouse in a short time.

Why to choose SaveTerminal?

  • 100% control of processes
  • Tools can be released from the warehouse quickly and easily
  • Access rights and restrictions can be set at the individual and group levels
  • Standard and custom reports can be requested, administration is highly automated
  • Its interface is easy to use and communicates in multiple languages
  • Ideal solution for companies with multiple warehouses

How SaveTerminal works

In SaveLog, your warehouse is configured as a ‘virtual warehouse’. After the permissions are set for the employees, only the tools that employees are authorized to order appear on the SaveTerminal display. When selecting a given product, the warehouseman is not only notified of the received request, but also sees the exact warehouse location of the device in the system.

SaveTerminal can be located anywhere within the production area: either in a central, easily accessible location or at the entrance to the warehouse. After the employee selects the product on the SaveTerminal, the warehouseman is informed about the transaction and approves the request on his own PC. After preparing the requested product – also through the system – the employee receives a notification, then takes the product from the warehouseman.

The entire process is 100% regulated, since the choice of products is possible only after the employee logs in. The transaction is saved once the warehouse manager has approved the process.

We recommend it for

Manage consignment kits of distributors

For the release of large products, which cannot be placed in vending machines, and to which access must be restricted

A great industrial vending solution for issuing safety shoes and clothing

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ERP integration

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Through the API developed by us, SaveTerminal can be integrated into your ERP system or your distributor’s warehouse system. Features such as automatic reordering or remote ordering of products become available with just a few clicks.

Advantages of the SaveLog system

  • All transactions are verifiable and traceable (except borrowing, returning)
  • Both general and individual reports can be prepared for management and administration staff
  • Software and control panel supported in multiple languages
  • You can set and manage individual and group level restrictions

We think in systems!

The SaveTerminal system is controlled by our sophisticated control software, SaveLog, enabling an enterprise-wide integrated solution. The industrial vending machines can be easily coordinated with each other to form a centrally controlled system.

Identification options

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PIN code

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