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Controlled return of used devices with industrial vending solution

SaveReturn provides controlled return of used, contaminated devices. It helps to put environmental commitments into practice. The return can also be recorded for a specific user, since items taken from the SavePro or SaveBox system operating SaveReturn can be selectively returned.

Product awarded in the Innovation Grand Prize 2020

Why to choose SaveReturn?

  • Product usage can be tracked, a 100% cost control can be achieved
  • Easily and securely collect used equipment per machine according to 3 different aspects
  • Control the sorting of generated waste 
  • Contributes to environmental protection through selective collection of equipment
  • Can be set an inclusion of new assets dispense based on the must return products
  • Check if your colleagues are ‘overusing’ or ‘underusing’ a product
  • The ability to change the door dimensions also allows larger objects to be collected
  • The collection container or collection bag can be easily replaced

What can be collected with SaveReturn?

In essence, almost anything that is important to collect in a controlled way, but typically:
IVM Icon kesztyu


IVM Icon apro alk

Small parts

IVM Icon vedomaszk

Protective masks

IVM Icon vedoszem

Safety goggles

IVM Icon fureszlap

Saw blades

IVM Icon toltok


IVM Icon kabelek


IVM Icon ragasztok


IVM Icon pc

PC peripherals

IVM Icon furofej

Drill bits

IVM Icon kezi szersz

Hand tools


  • SaveReturn is an additional unit that can be connected to a SavePro or SaveBox Control Unit machine, the operation of each device is controlled by the software of the main unit.
  • Both product collection and return are fully controlled processes. It is also an available option to make the addition of further assets conditional on the surrender of used assets or limit the number of assets available in one transaction. Of course, the collect back can be operated on its own, it does not need to be dependant on any other activity.
  • SaveReturn takes a photo of the returned products and records it in the user’s database, so the product return can be fully controlled. It can collect back several devices from the same type of product at once.
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Application options

  • Product onboarding: Set the maximum number of devices an employee can have at a time before taking a new one
  • Product return: Collect hazardous materials and reduce the occurrence of scattered products.
  • Product return and adding new product: When the employee drops off a specific product, the company can allow the expense of a new product. It can collect an asset in different positions according to further required or expected usage. For example, a glove can be determined whether:
    • it needs to be washed and it can be reused;
    • it got damaged, so it needs to be thrown away;
    • it is oily, which means it should be treaten as a hazardous substance.


The interior design of SaveReturn is tailored to your needs. Thanks to the flexible configuration of the collection cabinet, you can collect used devices up to 3 different categories.

  • Positions can be named arbitrarily.
  • You can set a separate capacity for each position, and when you reach a level you specify, the system automatically notifies you when the position is full.
  • Several types of tools can be collected for each position, it is also possible to sort by compartment.
SAVERETURN - Industrial vending solution

We think in systems!

Our SaveReturn machines are controlled by our sophisticated control software, SaveLog, enabling an enterprise-wide integrated solution. The vending machines can be easily coordinated with each other to form a centrally controlled system.

SaveLog software provides

  • high-security data storage
  • continuous data synchronization
  • instant access to transaction data from anywhere and anytime
  • detailed product stock reports for management

Identification options

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IVM Icon pin

PIN code

Network options

Technical parameters

Dimensions: (L,W,H) 700 mm x 823 mm x 1705 mm
Own weight: 185 kg
Base colour: Grey
Power requirements: 110-240V / 50/60 Hz